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Deneme İçerik

Published by Sandra HelselNovember 10, 2014 11:20 am


Dr. Yakub Avsar, an Iranian plastic surgeon from Turkey, is using 3D printing to improve the experience of his patients. He does not 3D-print noses for his clientele. Instead, he utilizes 3D-printing technology to give patients a more realistic and accurate view of what they would look like post-surgery. Now, he can create realistic before and after images for his patients. And while this would have to be verified, Avşar believes he is the only aesthetic plastic surgeon in the world currently employing 3D-printing technology to improve his services.

Avşar and his employees create a digital scan of a patient’s features. Then, using software, detailed before and after images are made that supposedly accurately reflect the surgical procedures. His before and after images are then 3D-printed using a Projet 660 Pro.