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Deneme İçerik

Rhinoplasty, or a “nose job”, is a facial plastic surgery procedure that reshapes the nose. The soft tissue such as the nostrils, septum, and nose tip can be altered as well as the bony structures of the nose such as the nasal bridge.


In Turkey, a plastic surgeon has taken “before and after photos” to a whole new level with the use of 3D scanning and printing.

Learn more about his passionate dedication to providing patients with a realistic view of how they could look after rhinoplasty surgery.


Design and Cosmetic Surgery

Dr. Yakub Avsar is a Turkish plastic surgeon that likes to give his patients a clear picture of how their nose surgery will change their appearance. For many years, he has been hand-making three-dimensional physical models to achieve this.

However, with the advent of 3D software, he has been able to more clearly show his patients (on screen) what they could look like post-operatively. This software enabled him to make the physical models a bit more easily.

From 3D Scanning and Printing to Real World Models

The time that it took Dr. Avsar was a major drawback for both he and his patients. Additionally, he felt that the models he crafted did not clearly demonstrate the actual changes that would take place for his patients.

Once he watched a demonstration of 3D scanning and printing technology, his wheels started turning. He surmised that it would be possible to scan of a patient’s face, easily turn that image into a 3D print, and finally produce a mask.

How the Process Works

The patient comes in and Dr. Avsar scans their face in 3D using a special software. He then makes adjustments to areas of the face where surgery would alter their appearance.

The final scanned image represents what the patient could likely look like after modifications are made in the operating room.

The image is then sent to his 3D printer, which is manufactured by 3D Systems. The face masks are printed out via a white powder and a process called “laser sintering”. Color is added to the masks during the final stages of the printing process.

The trimmed and cleaned masks are then immersed into a solution where they finish curing (hardening). In a video released on his YouTube channel, Dr. Avsar’s patient is elated to see her new look in 3D form because it helped her to visualize exactly what she could look like after surgery.

You can view that video here:

Looking for an Expert Rhinoplasty Surgeon in Long Island or NYC?

Though this technology is currently only being utilized by Dr. Avsar halfway across the world, our practice offers patients multiple ways to imagine how they could look after surgery.

Our facial plastic surgeons have many years of experience and have helped hundreds of satisfied patients achieve the look they want. There is no substitute for choosing a highly-qualified plastic surgeon in Long Island or NYC that has the reputation, reviews, and before & after photos to back up their medical degrees.

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